Troubleshooting Tips

Please review these troubleshooting tips before the America Talks event, so that you’ll already know how to address technical issues that may arise.  Having trouble during the conversation? Try refreshing your browser. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, click the Need Help link below your video window, for additional ideas and support. 

  • For best experience, please make sure to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser if you’re on a laptop or desktop computer. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, please use Safari.
  • Be sure to click “Allow” if prompted, to allow access to your camera and microphone.
  • Make sure your camera, microphone and speaker volume are on, not blocked or muted. 
  • Make sure you’ve closed any other applications that may be using your camera or microphone (e.g. Zoom, Google Meet)
  • Refresh the existing browser tab (click the circular arrow in the upper left corner of your browser); this can fix many issues and won’t cause you to exit the application.

DON’T open a new browser tab; try to fix the issue within the existing tab.

If you’re still having trouble: 

  • For Google Chrome:
    • click the padlock to the left of your address bar and set Camera and Microphone to “Allow” (see image). You might need to try reloading the page after doing so.
    • If you need further help troubleshooting audio/video on Google Chrome, click here

  • For Firefox:
    • Make sure you click “Allow” when prompted.
    • Try fully exiting and restarting Firefox.

Echo usually improves soon after the conversation starts. If echo persists, please mute yourself while your partner is speaking.

Video quality varies in browser-based apps. To improve video quality, maximize bandwidth, close other tabs, and reduce motion.

Switch to using the Safari browser, not Chrome or Mozilla.

NOTE: ALWAYS use Safari on iPhones and iPads, but use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on desktop or laptop computers. 

Not recommended – switch to Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

How the Platform Works

America Talks uses the Junto video conversation platform. Please review this brief description of the Junto platform so that you are familiar with its main features. (Note: As a browser-based video hosting platform, Junto works a bit differently from an application like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, which require downloading software to your device).

  • The Junto platform requires only a compatible device, supported browser, and active network (WiFi, ethernet, or cellular). 
  • Enter your assigned URL into your browser’s address bar to enter the platform.
  • To leave the conversation, simply close the active browser tab. Be careful not to do this during the conversation!
  • Junto asks users to authenticate via email or an active social media account. This information is only used to authenticate you as a user on the platform (i.e. not a troll), and is not shared with your conversation partner or any third parties. 
  • Only the onscreen identifier you choose (e.g. first name) will be displayed to your conversation partner.

Junto will look for the camera, mic, and speaker that are activated to run in your browser. You will need all three of these items to hold a face-to-face conversation on Junto. (If you have no camera, you can still speak, but your partner won’t see you.)

Junto includes a built-in conversation guide with intuitive instructions. Simply follow along with your partner and ask / answer the prompts included in each conversation round.

Having trouble? Refer to our troubleshooting tips or click Need Help below the video window for ideas and support.

At the end of your conversation, you’ll be prompted to complete a very short feedback survey. Please help us learn from your experience!

Platform Requirements

America Talks uses the Junto video conversation platform. Please review the platform requirements for Junto in advance of America Talks, to ensure that your preferred device, browser, and location will support your face-to-face conversation.

  • PC desktop or laptop
  • Macbook Pro or Macbook Air
  • Chromebook (min 4G RAM)
  • iPad 5th gen or later (limited functionality)
  • iPhone 6S or later (limited functionality)
  • Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari (not recommended on laptop or desktop)
    • Always use Safari with iPads or iPhones
    • Avoid using Safari on desktop or laptop computers – use another supported browser
  • Having trouble with a Microsoft browser? (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge) Try switching to Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Platform requires access to reliable, accessible WiFi, ethernet, or cellular data network; audio and video quality degrade in low-bandwidth environments.

  • First-time users must click to “Allow” the platform to access the device’s camera and microphone.
  • Device must have a camera.
  • Device must have a microphone and speaker.
  • The correct camera, microphone, and speaker must be selected; using extra peripherals may require manual selection
  • Other video platforms (Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, etc…) must be closed before connecting, to prevent device conflict.

Ensure device is plugged in or fully charged; video applications drain battery power quickly.

Platform operates entirely in the browser and does not require software to be downloaded to the user’s device.

  • Junto asks users to authenticate via email or an active social media account. This information is only used to authenticate you as a user on the platform (i.e. not a troll), and is not shared with your conversation partner or any third parties. 
  • Users are asked to share a simple identifier (e.g. first name) when logging into the platform; this identifier will display on screen to other participants.
  • Some networks (e.g. in school or work settings) have elaborate firewall configurations that may prohibit users from transmitting audio and video over the platform. Users should verify that transmitting audio and video is permitted from their location.
Ensuring Your Privacy and Safety

America Talks and our event partners take your privacy and safety very seriously. You can review our event privacy policy here. While we cannot foresee every circumstance, we’ve built many safeguards into our event. See below for more details.

  • Only registrants who have fully authenticated based on age, location, email address, and mobile phone will receive an invitation URL to attend an America Talks event on June 12 or 13. 
  • Confirmed registrants are also subject to a round of manual screening, to identify and remove registrants who have submitted “trolling” responses in the sign-up form.
  • Your conversation partner will only see the onscreen identifier you choose. We recommend entering your first name only, or first name and last initial, if you have privacy concerns.
  • Your conversation partner will know that you answered some survey questions differently.
  • If you and your conversation partner wish to share location details or exchange contact details with each other, you may do so at your own discretion. This is completely up to you.
  • We do not record your conversation with your assigned partner; neither audio, video, nor transcript data is collected.
  • Exception: If both you and your partner specifically agree to be recorded, for example as part of a media profile piece, we will set your conversation to “record mode” and share the files only for the narrow purpose described. 
  • Note that we cannot prevent a conversation partner from using their device’s screen capture technology to collect audio, video, and or screenshots from the conversation.  While we will actively discourage this behavior, we cannot absolutely prevent it.
  • The America Talks conversation guide is designed to maximize positive interactions between conversation participants.  Please follow all instructions, including the described “norms.”
  • Event organizers are not responsible for the content of participants’ conversations, but any participant can click the “Need Help” link to report their discussion partner for unacceptable behavior. Please follow the instructions for reporting unacceptable behavior. Include your contact information if you wish to report an issue to law enforcement.
  • Reported participants may be excluded from further communication regarding the event.
  • To exit a conversation that is not going well, you can simply close your browser tab at any time. This ends your conversation.
  • Only individuals who are 18 or older and currently residing in the United States are eligible to participate in America Talks.
  • If you’ve been paired with someone who appears to have bypassed our age (18+) or location (United States) filters, we apologize and recommend that you notify us through the “Need Help” button, then exit your conversation by closing the browser tab.
  • As described in the registration form’s first, required opt-in checkbox, America Talks event organizers and partners are permitted to contact you with information related to the America Talks event.  This may include media inquiries, which you can accept or decline at your discretion.
  • A second, voluntary opt-in checkbox in the registration form governs whether America Talks event organizers and partners may contact you in the future, with similar or relating offers. 
  • Your data will not be sold to any third parties for purposes of marketing to you.