America Talks

Privacy Policy

AllSides, LLC (“AllSides”) is facilitating America Talks with various media partners, collectively referred to as partner organizations. Data collected by AllSides in order to facilitate this event is subject to the AllSides Privacy Policy, which can be accessed in full here:

If you register through the website of a partner organization, the respective partner organization will process your data and be accordingly responsible. If you participate in the project on a third-party website, the data collection is carried out directly by and under the responsibility of AllSides.

Below you will find a brief overview of the data collected in the context of participation. You will also find a summary of your rights as a participant. Please note that the websites of partner organizations may collect additional data. Information on this can be found in the Privacy Policy valid for the website in question.


Information Required for Participation

To participate in this project, it is necessary that you answer various questions about your views on current topics and provide the following personal data: First and last name, gender, age, postal zip code, e-mail address, and mobile phone number.

After your registration you will be asked to confirm your participation by e-mail. If you click on the confirmation link contained in the e-mail, a confirmation code will be sent to the mobile phone number you have entered, which you must insert in the browser window that opens after you have clicked on the link. After confirming your participation, the answers you provide will be compared with those of other participants and you will then be given a discussion partner (your so-called “match”) with whom you can meet for a one-on-one conversation online via video conferencing.

Without answers to the questions about your views on current topics, we cannot assign you a match. Your contact details are necessary to provide you with the confirmation link and code and later with a match. We need your age to ensure that you are at least 18 years old. As part of the registration process, participants will also be asked to consent to the processing of specific data.

You can revoke your consent to data processing and/or data transfer at any time, for example by sending an e-mail to If you revoke your consent to data processing and/or data transfer, you can no longer participate in America Talks. The partner organizations can then only access the data collected through their own respective websites.

Your personal data, including first and last name, email address, age, gender,  postal code, and responses to the questions that you provide (which may include your political opinions, philosophical beliefs or other sensitive categories of information) will be used by America Talks organizers and partners for purposes of running the event and assigning conversation matches. A limited amount of personal data, including first name, age, gender, and responses to the survey questions that you provide (which may include your political opinions, philosophical beliefs or other sensitive categories of information), may be shared with your assigned conversation partner for purposes of facilitating the realtime conversation.

Information you May Voluntarily Provide
Any information you choose to provide after registration is fully optional. For example, after your conversation, you may be asked for your feedback on the project and the meeting with your discussion partner. This also includes information that you provide directly to AllSides or partner organizations when you contact us to request customer support or information.

You will be invited to participate in an optional survey conducted by Qualtrics, LLC. Participation is fully optional. Data you choose to provide to them in the survey is subject to their privacy policy, which can be accessed here:


Only individuals over 18 years of age and residing in the U.S. may sign up to participate in America Talks. Note that any targeted, specific and harmful action or communication that is carried out to make any participant feel threatened, on individual grounds or based on social or personal characteristics, will not be tolerated. During the registration phase, any participant exhibiting such behavior in their participant profile will be flagged in the software and removed from the registration and matching process. Event organizers are not responsible for the content of participants’ conversations, but a reporting mechanism will be provided in the recommended conversation platform that allows any participant to report their discussion partner for unacceptable behavior. Reported participants may be excluded from further communication regarding the event.


You have the right to obtain information about the stored personal data concerning you at any time. You also have the right to transfer, correct or delete your personal data and to limit the processing of your data. You can also object to the processing of your data at any time. For details, please refer to the AllSides Privacy Policy: