National Week of Conversation 2022

April 24–30

National Week of Conversation has just ended, but you can still get involved. Join upcoming coalition events, and contact us to learn more. 

Courage Over Contempt  #ListenFirst

What's this about?

Picture it – Americans from all backgrounds and beliefs coming together to create solutions. During National Week of Conversation, individuals can choose from over 100 events where you can find your people and make a difference. Organizations can add events to our official NWOC calendar. 

We just wrapped the 5th annual National Week of Conversation (NWOC), powered by the #ListenFirst Coalition of 400+ organizations, America Talks Co-creators and our allies! We believe that in addition to all that makes us unique, we share one identity: we’re all Americans.  NWOC provides a wide array of opportunities for Americans to show up for each other and for the country we love.

Choose from hundreds events hosted by the #ListenFirst Coalition of 300+  organizations and their partners where you can connect with others and make a difference.

Join the collaborative America Talks + National Week of Conversation campaign by adding your event to our NWOC calendar.