America Talks Conversation Guide

Get Started

Welcome to your America Talks conversation! Let’s get started:

  • Say hello to your conversation partner and agree how long you’ll speak
  • The guide is set up for 50 minutes, but you are welcome to spend more or less time
  • Allow 10 minutes at the end to click End Conversation and complete your experience

Review Conversation Norms (1 minute)

Please choose one of you to read these norms aloud:

  • Listen with curiosity
  • Speak from your own experience
  • Connect with respect

Get to Know Each Other (9 mins)

Please take turns answering these questions:

  • Where are you joining from today?
  • Why did you want to be here today?

Go Deeper (25 mins)

Take turns discussing each one of the questions below, in order. Try to cover all three:

  • What are your hopes or fears for your family, community or country?
  • What is something that people get wrong about you or what you believe, and what do you wish they knew instead?
  • What is a challenge in your community or a local or national issue that you care about and how did you come to care about it? How does it affect you and people you love?

Achieve a goal together (10 mins)

Please work together to identify a shared wish for America. We ask each of you to write it down, so you can share it at the end to inspire others. Then, take turns answering this question:

  • What can you do in your own community to make this wish a reality?

Say Goodbye + Final Step

Congratulations! Thank you for joining America Talks. Please provide your feedback here and sign up now to join a National Week of Conversation event.