America Talks Conversation Guide

Get Started

Welcome to your America Talks conversation! Let’s get started:

  • Say hello to your conversation partner and agree how long you’ll speak
  • The guide is set up for 50 minutes, but you are welcome to spend more or less time
  • Allow 10 minutes at the end to click the feedback and input form link below and complete your experience

Review Conversation Agreements (1 minute)

Please choose one of you to read these agreements aloud (going alphabetically by first name is an easy way to choose):

  • Listen with curiosity
  • Speak from your own experience
  • Connect with respect

Get to Know Each Other (9 mins)

Please take turns answering these questions:

  • What’s your name?
  • Where are you joining from today?
  • What is your favorite food?
  • Why did you want to be here?

Go Deeper (40 minutes total – 10 per question)

Please take turns answering the following four questions. 

  1. Describe the community that you grew up in or a community that is meaningful to you. Paint the picture for your partner(s). (10 Minutes)

  2. What are three values that you think should animate how we relate to one another in our communities? How did you develop those values?(10 minutes)

  3. Based on what you shared about your community and your values what are the top issues, YOU would take action on if you were an elected decision-maker? Please brainstorm ways you could take action on them now, in your community. (10 minutes)

  4. The Building Civic Bridges Act, if enacted, could be a tool for building the kinds of communities you’re imagining. The Act, being considered right now in Congress, would allocate money for activities that take place in local communities, through which individuals and institutions come together to build empathy, strengthen belonging and address local issues.

    What are your ideas about how this money could be spent in the community you’ve discussed or your current community?
    (10 minutes)

Say Goodbye + Final Step

Congratulations! Thank you for joining America Talks. Please sign up now to join a National Week of Conversation event.