It’s National Week of Conversation 2021!

June 14–20th, 2021

On board with healing America? Want to know what’s happening?

From America Talks to NWOC ‘21

Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs from all 50 states had one-on-one video conversations across differences this weekend as America Talks kicked off the fourth annual National Week of Conversation!

Coalition Partners are hosting a wide variety of dynamic events all week encouraging Americans to practice courage over contempt in bold and energizing conversations despite differences.

Face-to-Face Conversations Repair Divides.

Experts cite realtime, face-to-face conversation as highly effective, dismantling the biases, prejudices, and stereotypes that fuel division.

How many people on the “other side” have you had a meaningful conversation with recently?

America Talks registrants answer–

What are your hopes for America in the coming year?

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